Safety Trainer / Consultant

The Hydraulic Safety Authority of Canada is seeking individuals who excel in a fast paced, dynamic environment with the ability to adapt professionally to change. Individuals must be assertive and resilient with excellent communication, team working and interpersonal skills for consulting and training. As a technical educator you will be required to instruct using our curriculum, answer technical questions, provide technical data and research information. Workplace safety is an asset as well as a passionate desire to learn and continue learning. Candidate must be current on regulations both regional and national. Our courses rely heavily on hand on experiences. Instructors must have strong experience in the field.
Position requires a history of educating adults. Preference is given to those who hold a degree or diploma in education. Courses are delivered both in our education center and in the field. All instructors are fully insured for errors and omissions and liability as educators. If you meet the listed requirements this could be the career for you.

Job Requirements :

  • Minimum 7 years of hydraulic service repair experience or equivalent engineering experience
  • Knowledge of occupational health & safety standards and regulations
  • Current knowledge associated with safety standards by ISO, EN, CSA and SAE are an asset
  • Continual professional development will be required as health & safety regulations can be complicated and subject to frequent amendment
  • Capable of acquiring and retaining information for procedure writing, reports and recommendations
  • Facilitating programs and strategies to reduce workplace injuries
  • Performing workplace inspections
  • Perform onsite accident investigations

Job Responsibilities

Lead related incident investigations Travel to training and investigation locations national and international on short notice Development of written procedures for energy control of hydraulic equipment Excellent organizational and leadership skills, as well as a strong client service focus, Corporate representative in HSAC other services , including project management.
Please forward your resume to and in the subject line specify “Safety Trainer / Consultant Applicant.”

Program Media Designer / Marketing Coordinator

The designer is responsible for maintaining, and sometimes creating, the ‘look and feel of the corporate image. This means that a cohesive message and similar design elements are conveyed throughout a company’s line of products, publications, websites and other marketing materials. Brand recognition is important to a company because as the consumer makes the connection between the company and their products, the customer develops “brand loyalty,”
In designing a website, catalog, brochure or other communications product, a media designer must convey the image of a given company using graphics, design, video, sound or interactivity to draw in users or customers. The media designer must understand the importance to which the company create works with imagery that hold a user’s attention and prompt them to take action. the Media designers is responsible for designing advertisements, technical procedure placards, audio/visual, video, newsletters, and much more. Other types of documents include email , promotional CDs or DVDs, commercials, annual reports and presentations.

Responsible for creating a social marketing presence, establishing blogs or networking pages on a company’s website or by creating and maintaining a presence in the many social networking venues available on the Internet. Developing banners, animated ads and commercials for display on third-party websites or that can be emailed to a customer base.

The media designer is responsible for keeping abreast of developing applications and technologies. This sensitivity is useful in developing new ways to communicate ideas and concepts to prospective audiences.

Other Responsibilities and Skills

Organizational and communication skills are important for:
Developing, and producing media works for internal consultants, external clients, and consultants, Managing and directing other media personal internal, and outside contractors to complete large jobs.
Must be able to travel to locations national and international on short notice.
Must be able to function in a multitude of challenging working environments.
Must be able to collect data via audio, video, photo, written, dictation, measurements for onsite incident investigations.
Function as a team leader, coordinate team meetings.

Required Qualifications

  • 5+ years of professional experience in designing results-driven interactive marketing and training materials including customer acquisition, loyalty programs, landing page optimization, and engagement programs using a variety of interactive media technologies a must.
  • Strong sense for clean visual design and ability to create response-driven creative material.
  • Proficiency with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create interactive marketing collateral
  • PHP and MySQL experience is a plus
  • Must be current on Web 2.0 standards, proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash. Microsoft Power Point,
  • Must be a self-starter, able to self-manage and adhere to deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Proven artistic sense and attention to detail with a strong eye
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to clearly communicate ideas, decisions, and reasoning to a non-technical audience is vital
  • Project management experience a plus.
  • Ability to coordinate several projects simultaneously

Please forward your resume to and in the subject line specify “Program Media Designer/Marketing Coordinator”